Sunday, 18 October 2009

One year down

What a great end to a great week, I started the week on sunday with a good walk up Wernside with an very good friend of mine, we talked non stop and forgot to look at the scenery!
I also took a sneaky day off on Saturday to spend the day with hubby and son, for a good family day out, I think it could be the last chance before Christmas.
This week i've done my year end and the second year has started with a pace that I wasn't expecting, and it's all the more pleasurable as most of the sales are recommendations from satisfied customers which i'm so pleased about.
My wooden names have been featured in the brochure for "Not on the high street" and sales have been unbelievable, this sudden glut of orders coupled with ever increasing furniture sales has led me to look for my own premises as the mill space i've been kindly loaned has become too small for my needs, and by chance a lovely little place has become available next to my business partners mill, although it's perfect I'm still very scared to fly the nest from my comfy (and free!) space at the mill.
I must also mention the two lovely new shop that are stocking my furniture, Babipur has a fantastic shop in Gwynedd Wales and a great online store.
Precious little treasures in Clitheroe have opened their new department this week featuring the Fairbourn furniture range, Clitheroe is well worth a visit if your in the area, there are some great little shops and bistro's.

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