Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Its wednesday lunchtime i'm sat at my desk wondering if i'll still have a job next week, the company I work for have been steadily collapsing for a while now, i've avoided the inevitable redundancy until now but i somehow think next week my time will be up.

With such a fate looming for a while now, and with a real need to still pay my mortgage, i decided to put my design skills to use and design furniture for children.

The children's furniture market is growing but i think there's a little gap that i can squeeze into. I've been studying it now for a couple of years and I really feel I have a chance of getting a slice of the market with my hand made accessories and quirky furniture.

So what now!! I have my website at the ready, carpenters on standby, designs finalised and photo shoot complete, all ready for take off except.............the country decides it's having a would wouldn't it!! it's just my luck.