Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It's taken me 70 mins to do a 35 min journey this morning, but the snow looks fantastic so i'm not complaining, the only downside is if your at work you can't go sledging!
As predicted the day job will be coming to an end sometime soon, i'm in the department earmarked to go, but when is another question, hopefully sooner rather than later!
I'm getting ready for my last selling show before christmas this weekend, i'm doing the Grassington Dickensian Festival which by all accounts is a fantastic fun filled day, I'm hoping to meet some new customers as i've not ventured to sell in the dales yet and maybe "Santa".
I had a lovely time at Crafts for Christmas 3 weeks ago, I shared a stall with the company "Poppy" who make stunning children's clothing in Yarm, we had some lovely comments about the stall, and thanks to Zeena who did a stunning job helping out on the stall.
I'm now looking towards spring and last week started work on my new range of items for boys, they really look lovely i can't wait to finish work each day so I can get home and get painting, i've got pigs, sheep, helicopters, ambulances.......the list goes on keep a look out for new shots on the web.