Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Chalkboards

Check out our very popular chalk boards, we launched them at top drawer and they've been selling like crazy, guess everyone needs something to write reminders on, I know the feeling.

We have finally moved into our new unit, after several very long cold months we have found a wonderful little place in Skipton, it needs a little bit of TLC but with a lick of paint and a refit for the shop area we should be up and running with production and shop all rolled into one.
I'm currently making a sign for outside, i've re vamped the logo which were putting on the new website (when we eventually get it done!)

I've been really busy making furniture recently and I've made some new interesting pieces, although I keep forgetting to get pictures before they go, but here are a few I managed before they got shipped

Fairbourn has gone global this year, we are now selling to trade companies in Germany and recently we've been commissioned to make furniture for a client who lives in Italy, which we were so pleased to make.